Map Colors

Map Shortcode – Colors tab

The options on the Colors tab allow you to set the colors of the map. If you have questions about color options, please check out this link. You can learn how to use the options and see the changes without saving and refreshing. The screen is a little confusing, but making changes to hue, saturation, lightness, gamma and invert lightness will get you going in the right direction. You can then take those values and plug them into the map options.

Colors tab settings

This is the basic color for the map.
Enter a value between -100 and 100
Indicates the percentage change in intensity of the basic color to apply to the element.
Enter a value between -100 and 100
Indicates the percentage change in brightness of the element. Negative values increase darkness (where -100 specifies black) while positive values increase brightness (where +100 specifies white).
Enter a value between 0.01 and 10.0, where 1.0 applies no correction
Indicates the amount of gamma correction to apply to the element. Gammas modify the lightness of hues in a non-linear fashion, while not impacting white or black values. Gammas are typically used to modify the contrast of multiple elements. For example, you could modify the gamma to increase or decrease the contrast between the edges and interiors of elements. Low gamma values ( 1) decrease contrast.
Invert Lightness
Inverts the existing lightness. This is useful, for example, for quickly switching to a darker map with white text.