List Map General

List Map Shortcode – General tab

The options on the General tab allow you to set a number of standard settings for the map.

General tab settings

This allows you to add an ID to the map, which sets the client-side ID.
Select the type of map you want to show.
Set the width of the map. The default is 100%.
Set the height of the map. Default is 300px (examples: 100% or 300px).
Set the initial zoom level for the map. Enter a number between 0 and 19 (0 = world, 19 = street). Default is 10.
Cluster Markers
Check this if you want markers that are close to be clustered together until zoomed in.
Map Location
This will be the location of the map. If you choose “Left” or “Right”, the section for the list will be the same height as the map and will scroll. The list will be hidden for smaller devices, showing just the map.
This options allows you to select a shadow to show on the map itself. When a shadow is selected, you’ll see a preview of the shadow to the right of the select box.
CSS Class
This allows you to add a CSS class to the map. Adding a CSS class might help you to style certain things.