What Are WP Post Map Templates?

WP Post Map templates allow you to override the layout of a shortcode. If you don’t like the way the shortcode looks, you can change the html markup to suite your needs. Currently, only the List Map shortcode is templated. With the List Map shortcode, you can template the list or the infowindow. If you are happy with the default look, there is no need to change the templates. If you have questions about the folder structure inside of the “templates” folder, see the structure that is found inside of the plugin. As an example, if you want to create your own template for the list of the List Map shortcode, the template will be in the “templates/list-map/list/” folder.

Where Are They?

WP Post Map templates can exist in three different locations:

  • The plugin – in the templates folder within the plugin’s main folder. THESE SHOULD NEVER BE CHANGED
  • The theme – in the wppm/templates folder within the theme’s main folder.
  • The child theme – in the wppm/templates folder within the child theme’s main folder.

The plugin will look for templates in the following order: the child theme, the theme, the plugin.

How Do I Change Them?

To change the templates, copy the folder from the download to your child theme’s or theme’s main folder. At that point, you can edit the files and the plugin will use your edited version instead of the default version.

Can I Add My Own?

You can add your own template file within the template folders. The file should include a header in the following format:

WP Post Map Template Name: [YOUR TEMPLATE NAME HERE]

What If I Need to Upgrade My Theme?

When you upgrade your theme, backup the template folder to a safe location. After upgrading, if the template folder was removed, replace the templates from your backup.